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Code of Conduct

The school administrators and teachers are responsible for the orderly operation of the school. They are granted the authority to enhance the code of conduct and are authorized to undertake corrective measures which they believe to be in the best interest of the students and the school.

1-    ACES students will always tell the truth.
2-    ACES students will respect others and school property.
3-    On regular days, students should wear the school uniform.
4-    Boys are asked to have regular haircuts.
5-    Girls are asked to have suitable hair model.
6-    No earrings are allowed for boys.
7-    No make-up is allowed on school campus nor nail polish or accessories.
8-    Students are not allowed to get toys, games, tablets, or cellular phones to school otherwise they are CONFISCATED.
9-    Violent play is completely forbidden.
10-    Students are asked to pay extra attention to school properties.
11-    Students are asked to move in and out of the classrooms for recess quietly.
12-    No eating is allowed in class.
13-    The school is not responsible for lost items. Students are encouraged to keep valuable items at home.

Disciplinary Penalties, Procedures, and Rewards

Deal directly with the problem at the time and place it occurs in a way that is fair and consistent. School personnel who interact with students are expected to use disciplinary action and place emphasis on the student’s ability to implement character education and self-discipline.

Disciplinary penalties will consider:

1- The student’s age;
2- The nature of the violation and the circumstances which led to the violation;
3- The student’s prior disciplinary record;
4- The effectiveness of past forms of discipline;
5- Information from parents and teachers.

Progressive Penalties

A system of credits may be adopted.
1- Each student will start the academic year with 30 credits.
2- Students who display positive behavior and attitude, abide by school rules and regulations, eat healthy food, are willing to keep up their pace in excelling in extracurricular activities, are highly cooperative, and maintain a good hygiene are candidates earn extra credits. Their names will be posted on the ACES list which will be monthly update on the school’s website.
3- A violation of the code of conduct will lead to a loss of credits.
4- A student losing 30 credits will be on detention for one day that will progressively increase for two days, then three days. After that, he will be expelled from school permanently.

School Rules

•  Disruptive Conduct (Violation of any of the following rules will lead to a loss of 2 credits)
1-  Running in the hallways, making unreasonable noise in class, hallway or playground.
2-  Inappropriate language: Any inappropriate comment and using abusive language.
3-    Cause disruptions of the educational process that interferes with the teacher’s authority over classroom.
4- Disrespect: Any student who displays a lack of cooperation or disrespect towards teachers, administrators, or other students is considered disrespectful.

•  Violent Conduct (Violation of any of the following rules will lead to a loss of 2 credits)
1- Committing an act of violence such as hitting, kicking, punching, fighting, and scratching upon other student.
2-  Intentionally damaging or destroying the personal property of another student or the school.
3- Fighting: Any verbal or physical combat will receive severe consequences on both parties.
4- Harassment: words or actions directed towards another student will receive direct consequence.
5- Lying: It leads to student receiving direct consequence.

•   Playground Rules (Violation of any of the following rules will lead to a loss of 1 credit)
1- Respect the rights of others and to observe safety rules at all times.
2- The following rules will not be tolerated:
-Running into students;
-Kicking balls or throwing objects that are not part of a game;
-Unsafe use of playground equipment;
-Refrain from using foul or abusive language or gestures;
3- Violation of rules may result in denial of playground use.
4- Students are expected to follow directions of playground supervisors.

•    Classroom Responsibility (Violation of any of the following rules will lead to a loss of 1 credit)
1.    Being on time to school.
2.    Signing agendas.
3.    Keeping the stationery with you.
4.    Submit homework and projects on time.
5.    Keeping backpacks, books, and copybooks neat and tidy.
6.    Following teacher’s instructions.
7.    Keeping the classroom neat and organized.
8.    Staying in the assigned seat.